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If you want to see where the story starts then I’d recommend The Journey to Redemption and Recovery! Click on each category to learn more about their themes!

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A Letter to My 8 Year Old Self

Hey there kid, it’s one of the worst and most defining moments of your life. You’re only in 3rd grade and honestly trying to remember what happened to us, it’s a fuzzy white haze. It’s whited out almost as if our brain had activated a defense mechanism to protect our psyche from what happened. But … Continue reading A Letter to My 8 Year Old Self


It is the final sunset of 2019, the dawn of a new decade approaches and I go into the city by the bay, San Francisco, to say my peace with everything I’ve let go of this year. In the picture captured above is a random parent I saw on the way up to this small … Continue reading Sunset


It is December of 2019, just a few weeks left until the new decade. With everything that had happened leading up to the end of this year, it felt surreal to have made it here alive. For the first time in my life, I had felt hopeful for the next day, for the next week, … Continue reading Tradition

Winter’s Aid

November 2019 It’s now mid-November and Winter is in full bloom. The nights are longer, the crisp cold air, the piercing winds, the quietness of the night as people huddle together in their homes for warmth. I have always loved winter, others love the warm sun, the long days, but I thrived in the piercing … Continue reading Winter’s Aid

Falling Into Recovery

October 2019 My Summer was lit on fire with daily dosages of self-pity, self loathing, and lying on the floor feeling absolutely worthless. There would be nights where I’d sleep on the wooden vinyl floor because I felt like that’s where I belonged. Working in education, I had the entire summer off but that also … Continue reading Falling Into Recovery

Summer Fire

June 2019 You might think that up until this point objectively my life had been going great. If I had not hinted that everything I was doing was just a futile attempt of keeping my brain busy, to stop it from processing the emotions I was supposed to be feeling, you would’ve thought I had … Continue reading Summer Fire

Spring Growth

April 2019 Spring of 2019 came with a storm of growth for me. I had thrown myself at a lot of opportunities in order to cover up all of the hurt that was going on within me and during that time it really seemed to work. And if you looked at me, you wouldn’t even … Continue reading Spring Growth


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