My Journey Through Life

The Preamble to My Constitution

I was born in 1993 in a small town called Merced to immigrant parents who were fleeing from the aftermaths of the Secret War conducted by American agents in Laos. My journey as an Asian American and as an Asian American dude is probably a little bit stranger than most. I spent a lot of my formative years growing up with a lot of trauma on my shoulders, that turned me into a very toxic person as a teenager and it took a lot of growing to undo all the bad habits I learned and grow up. But the toll of the person I used to be haunted me and the continuing hardships that I had to endure and survive slowly etched away at the part of me that was alive.

Depression, loss, sorrow, hate, pain, anguish, regret, remorse, self-pity, self-criticism, self-hatred, anger, all of these emotions pooled inside of me and as they festered on my 25th birthday I reached my breaking point in life. I was ready for my last adventure, my final adventure, my journey on the road to healing and peace.

A person once said that I just need someone to save me. But the truth is that the only person who can save you, forgive you, absolve you of your guilt, release you from your burdens, and get you right back up each and every single day to keep on fighting, is yourself.

I hope that the stories I share can help on your journey to become the best version of yourself. I don’t make empty promises, I can’t promise you that all of the hard work will pay off, not everybody who works hard succeeds. But everyone who has ever succeed definitely worked hard!

This is my story.

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