It may be dim. But it is always darkest before the glorious sunrise.

Who Am I?

I am a nobody, I am not special, I was not born to wealthy parents nor a well recognized name. My people have no great heritage or accomplishments to claim or grand stake in any religion or movement. I’m just a regular dude who tries to best navigate life and leave it a little better off than when I entered it.

I work in education trying to further the resources available for students in the topics of wellness. My goal is to lay the foundational work for wellness of the mind, body, soul, and wallet to be integrated into the public curriculum.

I spend most of my time ingrained in my hobbies of making personalized cards, motorcycling/touring, fishing, bicycling, hiking/backpacking, and occasionally volunteering my weekends with local non-profits.

I also spent quite a few years learning and performing Chinese Lion Dance. I bought a Lion in 2018 and have been trying to start teaching and forming a team in the Sacramento area for quite some time now. I teach for absolutely free and come out for free because it’s more about keeping the art form and culture alive than it is about the money. Although donations are greatly appreciated to help upkeep the equipment and provide performers equipment as well!

But the largest thing that probably drives me in my life is music. There is almost a song for every occasion and good friend once told me that when they think of someone who pairs their story, their emotions, and memories with good music they think of me.

Life is Studying

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